Looking post NBA trade deadline many moves were made. However, after 2 games it is the team that traded multiple big name superstars catching my eye.
Getting this one out to you a little later as we begin to wind down our series here. Here's 5 sets that I have really enjoyed recently though. Enjoy!
We will continue our X's & O's Dump again with a few more days left going into the new year. Little lighter load on this one for the holiday & will get…
Merry Christmas Eve to everyone. Continuing along with 5 more videos, hope everyone enjoys!
Will be a short one today with three clips. Will post more tomorrow. Enjoy and continue to have a great holiday!
Over the next few days I will be putting out clips of some of my favorite offensive sets, concepts, and actions so far this season. Click the link below…
Oklahoma City Thunder Offensive Breakdown Some of my favorite ideas, sets, & concepts that stuck out to me from diving into the Thunder this preseason…
This will be the second installment of the punishing principles series focused on off ball attacks. The third installment will be released next week.
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